Our Story

We began in 2002 with chocolate kiosks in several Michigan malls but it didn't take long for two brothers that love coffee to add our favorite beverage to the line-up. After all, who doesn't love Chocolate & Coffee?
We started with a local coffee roaster (50 miles away) so that we could always offer fresh coffee but after a year of weekly runs to maintain our fresh standards we began roasting our own coffee so that we could always offer the freshest cup of coffee at a good value. The smell of freshly brewing coffee at Great Lakes is one of the first things that we look forward to each day along with the toasty, smokey aroma of freshly roasting coffee that often fills Downtown Sturgis where we first began and still roast. Our friends call us coffee snobs but we really just want the best cup of coffee we can get in a size that is easily understandable, like small, medium or large and we think you want the same thing too.
We call ourselves a family friendly company. In the beginning it was because we're brothers and love family. Jared was only 27 years old and I (Paul) was only 33 with one child between us. Now Jared and his wife Elizabeth have 7! My wife Jennifer and I have 3 so you can imagine when we say family friendly we really mean it!
We hope to continue opening new stores throughout the region and of course shipping freshly roasted coffee to everyone that orders here on our site.
We wish you all the best and thank you for helping us to make our dreams a reality!


Paul & Jared Smith


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