CoffeePunks, find your CoffeePunk
CoffeePunks NFT Invisible ManAndroid CoffeePunks NFTAlien CoffeePunks NFTWolfman CoffeePunks NFTRoad Worker CoffeePunks NFTA CoffeePunks NFT character in a blue lighthouse sweater Pirate CoffeePunk NFTCoffeePunks robot NFTUntransformed Wolfman CoffeePunks NFTCoffeePunks NFT with a cup and a cowboy hatA dreadlocked CoffeePunks NFT holds a coffeeA musician CoffeePunk NFT with a guitar and coffeeCoffee Punk with wild gray hair and a yellow vest holds a cup of coffeeA bearded CoffeePunk NFT holds a large cup of coffeeA Hockey Player CoffeePunks NFT sips a frozen coffeeA Crowned CoffeePunk NFT holds a coffee mug
Paul Smith in pixelated CoffeePunks form

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CoffeePunks is a collection of 10,000 collectible personal profile picture NFT characters on the Ethereum Blockchain, inspired by great coffee, pixel art, and 80's video game aesthetics. Each CoffeePunk is a completely original combination of hundreds of potential attributes.

Jared Smith in pixelated CoffeePunks form

The Collection

Aliens, Robots, Werewolves, Droids, Pirates, and more all enjoying a wide variety of the best single origin, artisan blended, and specialty coffee drinks in the coffee metaverse. Espresso yourself with CoffeePunks collectable NFT's.

How to buy CoffeePunks in 3 easy steps


MetaMask is a browser extension wallet that allows you to easily access and interact with decentralized applications (aka dApps) and purchase CoffeePunks NFTs

Find out more at or click on the below link to go straight to downloading the extension:

Download Metamask

We're assuming you're new to the ethereum blockchain, so you want to create a new wallet. The next steps are incredibly important in terms of securing your funds as there's no one who can help if you make an error. If you're curious or concerned, please educate yourself first. Listening to this podcast episode is a good place to start when it comes to security in crypto.

The Podcast

IMPORTANT: you will never be able to recover your funds if you lose your password and seed phrase. There is no company or process that will help you recover what you've lost so be careful.

Securing Your Wallet: Password

Unlike most application logins, you won't be able to simply email yourself a forgotten password link.It's really important to create a secure, unique password for your MetaMask wallet. Please make sure to store this password securely, offline and in a secure location.

Securing Your Wallet:
Seed Phrase

The secret recovery phrase, also referred to as the seed phrase, is a 12-word phrase that corresponds to a long, alphanumeric key.Simply put, your seed phrase is the foundation of your wallet and wallet contents. If you forget your password, you'll need to rely on your seed phrase to recover access.So, your seed phrase can be used to import your wallet on any device.Therefore, much like you wouldn't share passwords, never share your recovery seed phrase with anyone. It's good practice to store it offline in multiple, separate, secure locations. There are also hardware solutions available which offer further protection, such as Ledger.


Whilst you can purchase cryptocurrencies through Metamask, many people choose to use an exchange for ease of transaction (especially for larger amounts). Please do your own research to understand which exchanges are regulated and operate within your market.Here are some notable global exchanges to get you started:


Once you've found an exchange right for you, go through the necessary steps to be registered and verified, to buy ETH. Please allow for 'gas fees' (the cost of performing the transaction of the ethereum blockchain) when making your purchase of ETH. This fee will be added on top of the purchase price of the NFT, as well as when transferring ETH to MetaMask. It is variable according to how busy the ethereum blockchain is at any given moment.
More information of the current status of 'gas' can be found on Etherscan.


Having set up MetaMask and successfully purchased ETH on your exchange, you need to transfer your ETH to Metamask so you can complete the purchase of your NFT.

When opening your newly acquired MetaMask wallet, you can find your Ethereum address (a long string of letters and numbers, starting with 0x) near the top.This is your Ethereum wallet address. You'll need this address if you wish to be able to receive ETH from your exchange (or any other party).All exchange's withdrawal processes differ, so please refer to your chosen provider's instructions. You'll need to request a withdrawal to the Metamask wallet address you recorded earlier.Be sure there are no errors when inputting or copying your wallet address. It's a common mistake to send funds to an incorrect address. A mistake which there is no recourse from or route to recover funds.Once your withdrawal is complete and you can see your ETH balance in MetaMask you will be able to complete the purchase of your NFT.

PLEASE NOTE that while we have endeavored to select reputable ETH Wallet providers, any ETH Wallet providers referred to on the Platform are independent third parties and we are not responsible for their services and we do not guarantee that your ETH Wallet will be secure and accessible at all times. We accept no liability for any transaction that you may choose to make with any ETH Wallet providers and we recommend that you take independent legal advice before making any commitments to those third parties.

The Future

Five Lakes Coffee team is setting out to build a lasting franchise that will thrive well into the future. With that in mind, our first mint isn't the finish line - it's an initial starting point that will kickstart the coffee metaverse, we already have plans involving our next project and the introduction of NFT's with utility, get your Coffee Punk and help us lead the web 3 coffee revolution.

The Team

Left to right: Paul Smith / Creative Direction, Gabriel Smith / Digital Artist, Corey Kline / Post Production, James Smith / Digital Artist, Jared Smith / Creative Direction.  

The Five Lakes NFT team in pixel art form

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